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No Frills Vision Board How To

Here’s the easiest, very low cost way to make a vision board personal and just for you. All you need are the following supplies in this post and you will be good to go!

Let’s start with the basics. What is a vision board? A vision board is a physical collage made up of pictures, quotes, and anything you want to help you visualize your goals and make them happen. Are you ready to make them physically happen? If you answered, “Yes!” Y o u a r e r e a d y! Once you put your ideas/goals out there into the world and focus on them day after day, manifest them, say positive words around them, they will come true. I’ve had it happen! More on this in a bit…

Gather Your Supplies:

  1. It’s past holiday time and those shirt boxes are probably hanging around. If not, try any sturdy piece of paper. Some other options may include, Amazon boxes, old science projects that your kids had, shoe box covers, whatever you’d like. Some friends have even done this on a cork board. It’s whatever you like. I personally like the boards for quick easy storage if need be, and for optional framing potential.
  2. Tape: Choose either double sided, regular tape, washi tape or even a glue stick
  3. Scissors: a good pair
  4. Magazines: I keep a stash in a bureau in my living room

Keep a healthy stash of magazines


Start making a list of things that you want to happen in your life, for you. Whatever you manifest will grow. I like to think of my goals-my abundance as a fruit tree and sharing the fruits of my labors. An apple tree grows and uses what it needs to manifest the growth of its fruit. The fruit is what it shares. It’s all relative and works in full circle. Think about it… The goals not only benefit me, but my family, my friends, my clients, even you! So create for yourself first.


It’s time for you to create your vision board. Soak in all of the positive thoughts as you being to find pictures and words, etc., that match your goals. Isn’t it fun? Soak in all the fun of this project! I bet you’ll be smiling as you start going through your goals and finding matching pictures. Catch that smile. Recognize the positive vibes you feel! Let it all work in your favor and once a negative thought creeps in like, “Oh, that’s a crazy idea I’ll never accomplish that.” Replace it with, “I am so happy that this goal will be met.”


Reflect on this board daily. Continue to make goals and if you think of more goals, make a new board. It’s limitless!

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