How to Hand and Make,  Soulful Living

Are You Ready For The Season?

I was thinking a lot about change recently. Things are changing all of the time. As I was thinking and reflecting on change, I noticed how sensitive I’ve been in the past to change and how I really don’t like it. Do you? Change and transition can be difficult for me because I’ve always been someone who likes to feel at home. I like the feelings of security, comfort, and knowing what to expect. But who am I kidding right because usually life is not at all like this and somethings I can expect, but no matter how much I can expect it, it still brings some discomfort.

So, What’s The Problem?

I’m the problem and I don’t mean that in a negative sense. You might also be the problem too and it’s okay! It’s how I’m wired with a bunch of parts all in there with wheels and cogs just chugging away. I feel like it’s also part of my personality, part of how I was raised, and part of my intense ability to feel people’s energy. Again, it’s just who I am. I’m an empath. If you know, you know. However, knowing myself and how change can take me a bit to adjust to, is important. Think about this for yourself if you have trouble with change. Step into your heart.

The Little Pink Cottage Painting

This is a painting I did a few years ago titled, Home. When I was painting it, we had a lot of change going on. Covid, my father-in-law had passed to heaven, and I noticed that I was changing too. I had lost a lot of weight, but my hormones were tipping, and my thyroid was tipping, and stress and food was really having an impact on my health. Hello to the weight packing on again. As I was painting, I felt that the outside world was a bit rainy and cloudy. This is life, right? Ever changing, but full of so much hope and beauty. Things were just confusing, but yet through the changing weather, I knew how to find my home. My soul, my comfort…It just takes me a bit. Does it take you a bit too?

Settling in and finding my home, my comfort during change, no matter what it is be it, seasonal, health and hormonal, family, work, and whatever, is following that dirt path that you can faintly see in the grass along the edge of the woods. The path may confuse me and be uncomfortable. It can have dips, slushy mud, and ruts where I twist my ankle, but the outcome through the uncomfortableness of change down that path is my pink cottage where I am at peace.

Sharing My Intimate Thoughts

My personal artist interpretation of the pink cottage home is what I do tangibly in situations to make things comfortable for myself with items and what imagery I can create in my mind to ease myself into making things that I’m not ready for, or things that just cause the nerves to spark a bit into the feeling that the pink cottage home gives me. The pink cottage is what I have all the way down the trail to look forward to as I learn more about myself along the way. When you crack open the wooden door inside, you’ll see low ceiling beams, windows and tables filled with glowing candles, squishy couches and chairs, puddling curtains, and crackling wood in the fire. Herbs hanging in the kitchen with warm coffee ready to be sipped and shelves holding books. A table awaits with paintbrushes and fresh paints with a blank canvas. It’s simply home.

Finding Your Pink Cottage During Change

The seasons are changing soon. The heat and humidity and carefree lazy days of summer will be changing to a new rhythm. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll be changing from winter to spring. No matter where you are in the world you can feel that energy shift and change. Be it seasonal or not, how do you find your pink cottage home. The tips below may help you.

Be aware of what physical places spark calm inside yourself.

What tangible items make you feel safe and cozy.

Get in touch with your senses.

Know your body and listen to it.

Pray and give yourself time and grace

My Gift For You

I’ve included my painting Home as a pdf for you to print off as a little reminder for you as you see that brown trail with the little pink cottage at the end that change will happen, but you can always find your way home no matter what. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me a picture of it in the comments below or dm me over on instagram @breezygreenhome telling me how you’ve used it. I hope it connects with you some way.

Download your painting below