breezy green home style
Breezy Green Home Style

Breezy Green Home Style- What is it?

Well, according to Joanna Gaines’ new book, Home Body I’m a style blend of Farmhouse-Modern-Rustic-Industrial-Traditional-Boho

What are you…?

breezy green home style

Breezy Green Home definitely reflects what I love and what we love as a family. We love gathering, having company, hosting holidays, and just being home. We are real home bodies!

What kind of home speaks to you and your family?

Don’t you like being in a home that isn’t stuffy? Us too! I’m guessing if you’re here we have some things in common. Breezy Green Home is not perfect. We have things to fix. But, it’s comfortable, cozy, and fits our family.

Now, that’s the perfect kind of home to have. One where you don’t mind a bit of dust. One where it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

relaxing with beeswax candles and simplicity

The kind for your family that speaks to guests coming in and encourages relaxation!

breezy green home style

The kind of home where babies can be cuddled

And you just know that once you walk in the door that you’ll feel right at home


So, thank you Joanna for the breakdown of each style. I will be breaking down my style and how I decorate as this blog moves on.

rustic scale at breezy green home

I want to hear from you. I hope that I inspire you as much as I feel inspired by the styles I see. I love choosing different elements that I’m drawn to in order to create my own melting pot.

Have fun creating yours! Welcome to Breezy Green Home!

In love and peace,