Soulful Living

Time to Relax

Meditating is so goooooood for the soul. It’s so good for the mind, body, and spirit. I admit that it took me awhile to get into my groove. I was the worst at practicing, but I’ve begun and this is what I’ve noticed.

Relaxing the Monkeys

Meditating strengthens neural connections and can literally change the configuration of these networks…Your brainwaves are just one aspect of the complex processes in the mind that produce your experience. And meditation can help you control them.

My brain and thoughts are like monkeys swinging from tree to tree. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. Who doesn’t? With all of the stimuli out there in the world, my own anxieties, coupled with my own intuitive abilities , I’m lucky that my head hasn’t spun off my shoulders yet. In a nutshell, meditation takes time and training. I’ve learned how to sit and still my brain, calm those monkeys down, and shut out anything that tries to disrupt my meditation, my zen. Is it easy for me? No. But, taking the time to know my mind and my bodies time clock has greatly helped.

  1. Know your bodies time clock. Is it easier for you to meditate in the evening before bed, at 3:00, or in the morning at sunrise? This has been so helpful for me and is the first thing I had to figure out.

Create Your Space

Pay close attention to your surroundings. The place where you’re meditating is important. If you’re in a cluttered room, chances are that energy is clogged, stale, and just yuck. Try to clear the space out as much as possible. Dust, create air flow, diffuse some oils. An organized space radiates calm and positive energy. I’ve noticed the clarity I feel when I’m in a space in my home that is together.

Thinking about how spaces affect me, the other day I was in a local crystal and plant shop. With all of the good that this shop is selling, it felt super cluttered to me. The music, although it was really good, was loud and distracting. Some of the plants were dusty and looked forgotten about. This shop needs a clearing badly! I was really hesitant to even buy anything. For empaths, which I’m sure this shop draws, places like this can be tough if the people running the shop are not aware of the feel of the space.

2. Know your surroundings and be aware of what type of space is calming to you.

Take Advantage of Time

I’m guilty of being anxious. Hence the reason why I need calm and meditation in my life. I’m an educator of young children and I love it! Having the commute that I have is actually truly helpful because I can unwind after a long day and prepare for my day by getting my energy and thoughts in order on my commute into work. These little nuggets of time are opportune times to take advantage of active meditation. I’m not suggesting that you meditate at the wheel! But, you can calm your brain and your body. Deep breathing, music, and positive thinking helps and is a way to find some peace.

3. Know and become aware of small moments of time and use them to take a deep breath and center.

My Favorite App

This is not a paid sponsorship

My favorite app to meditate with is called Insight Timer. It’s actually the world’s largest FREE library of guided meditations. If you use the free version, it’s a bit controlled as you can’t access everything. I think it cost about $5.00 a month for the paid version. Currently, I do the FREE version. I love the podcasts they offer, the guided mediations, and the calming music. This app offers everything from chakra cleansing to deep prayer. They have over 10,000 musicians and teachers and you can choose who to follow. After listening, they ask if you’d like to make a donation and there is no pressure. I’ve tried other apps and this one is my all-time fav!

3. Know what apps work for you. Try a few and see which one you like the best.

Have Fun With It!

I hope you have fun with the app and have learned something about mediation. Often times, when I suggest meditation to clients they tell me that they just don’t have the time. I’m just as guilty. But, since I’ve done it more and more my brain has become accustomed to recieving it. It is just what my mind, body, and spirit needs to function in this over stimulated, crazy world. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But, often times I find that people are seeking the clam through other means, that are actually hurting the body. Why not try a pure approach to calm? You’re brain will thank you!

For a beginning practitioner, developing mindfulness takes dedication. But as you deepen your craft through physical repetition and mind-body connection, you’ll experience the mediation benefits for the brain. Increased research on meditation presents proven benefits for well-being, enhanced memory and attention, a boost in serotonin, and the list keeps growing.