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This website is a collection of things that I love. It has many categories for you to explore from recipes, to finances, to living a soulful, creative life, to intuitive medium coaching. Please get cozy and comfy before you begin reading Breezy Green Home. I want you to light a candle, sit back, get a warm drink or a cool one, and just enjoy this blog that I have created.

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Breezy Green Home is my home that I want you to explore and feel inspired.

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Maybe you’ll like a recipe or two and bake for your loved ones.

breezy green home candlelightPerhaps just take a breather, sit by candlelight, and tune in to what you’d like in your world.

Maybe you just want to explore the world of essential oils and natural care.

Perhaps you’ll even want to try making natural things, or repurpose a piece of furniture.

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Massachusetts is where BGH is nestled. I, along with my family, are hearty New Englanders who feel the seasons. As soon as it’s summer, it freezes up and gets muddy.

My purpose is to fill this space with fun and practical how-to’s for the home and body.

I love to make from scratch and will share the amazing recipes I’ve found throughout my organic, from scratch adventures.

It’s my hope that when you close this blog, you feel inspired; like we just had a warm or cold drink together and just chatted. I wish you much happiness and creative. soulful. living. wherever you are in this world.

Drop me a comment and you can be sure that you’ll hear from me!



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