Oh, hi! I’m Alyssa, author and creator of Breezy Green Home

I’m so glad you’re here! So, I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and came back to this same town to build our family atop a hill called Breezy Green.

My husband and I renovated an oversized California ranch built in the 1940’s. We poured our heart and soul into bringing our home back to life and back to life it is!

BGH is full of shiplap, parkay flooring, slate, and over 4,000 sq. ft. of living space. So, I’m sure you can imagine the job we had, as every nook and cranny needed our attention.

Fast forward 5 years, and we are still renovating spaces, but are enjoying the process even more now that we have a warm kitchen to cook in, gardens to admire, and a view that stretches the eye for miles.

Why not share this with the world?

Breezy Green Home was created to share my love of essential wellness living, simple how to’s that make my life easier and happy, and my love of baking from scratch. My life is all about sharing the secret and fruits of abundance, being kind, helping others, learning from all, and sharing my creative, intuitive soul the best way I know how. I love learning, educating, and chatting with others. I also love the feeling of cozy.

A little bit more about me…

I love eating healthy and enjoying the sweet life too. I have a pantry packed with teas, herbs, and essential oils. It’s all about balance and keeping my hypothyroid under control. Yup, I deal with it daily, but don’t dwell on that. Organic eating is the key to my lifestyle. Well, as much as possible. Weight control is a slippery slope for me. But, I’m a very happy person so cheers to me!

Southern Maine is my love. Walking the beach and collecting heart rocks and seashells on the Maine coast is my zen!

I love baking, family traditions, and hosting Holidays.

collection of pottery


Although I do love the Cozy Minimalist movement, I do collect things. Here is my “listicle of things I collect”. Maybe you collect these things too…If you do, let’s be friends!

  1. heart rocks
  2. crystals and cool looking rocks that feel good to hold in my hands
  3. journals and notebooks
  4. bottle brush trees
  5. Christmas trees (yes, I have an addiction)
  6. décor books and magazines (not hoarder status yet, but getting there)
  7. shells
  8. dark, vintage looking baskets
  9. house plants (that I try not to kill)
  10. plates
  11. candles
  12. throw pillows (seriously how many do I need?!)
  13. hand towels for the kitchen and bath
  14. candles
  15. sunglasses (I’m always breaking or losing mine-I will never own an expensive pair because I’d lose them 10 minutes after purchase)

This is an ever growing list…

I’m so happy you’re here and I hope you find this website full of useful ideas of things you can explore and make and more. 

With love,


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