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Crystals In My Water

“Mom, why do you think this is magical? It’s a rock.” {well, actually it’s a mineral, but…}

Muttered my 12 year old son. “Well, of course I do! Why would you ask such a silly question?” I do know how to get under his skin…

No, they don’t beam out lasers. No they don’t make stuff float around my house and they most certainly don’t make him do his homework. Where is that Harry Potter power when you need it!? 

They do however, evoke a certain energy. I’m convinced of it. I just know it. I have them around my home placed randomly in my plants and in my windowsill. I even have them under my water. Plus, they are so pretty! 

This glass crystal infused bottle came from a shop in Maine

Scientists have done studies on this. I won’t get into this too much, but you can actually see how the molecular structure has changed. You can read more about the scientific studies of Dr. Masaru Emoto and read more here

All I do is switch out my crystals by popping of the wooden stopper whenever I need a change. It’s fun to put seashells in here too.  

I also have a water bottle that I bought on Amazon that holds crystals too. You can shop my post below to enjoy your own crystal infused water. Tell me if it taste delicious! 

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Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle