The Retreat Co.

Friday Evening: Complimentary charcuterie board and beverages of choice provided.

Saturday Morning: Slow rise and shine coffee, tea, juice, morning muffins, fruit salad, and breakfast treats provided.

Saturday: Light lunch provided.

Saturday Evening: Dinner not provided, but Alyssa will make a dinner reservation for you, or pick up any take-out from 5-7pm. If cooking in is your thing, shop the farm store for delicious meats, veggies, cheeses, and more!

Location of Retreat (and the rules and regulations, please read, but let’s have some fun and relaxation…)

The retreat can be as easy going, or busy as you’d like. Alyssa will send you a form for you to complete and check off the activities that you would like to book.

Your whole weekend retreat will cost $700.00 per person. No hidden fees, no extra fees for materials, or activities. Just sit back and enjoy the whole weekend of self-care and the gift of time.

Need to cancel the whole retreat? Can’t stay the whole time? Need to cancel due to illness, or other foreseen circumstances? We’re sorry, but due to the nature of these retreats, we are unable to refund your payment. If some members are unable to attend, we are unable to refund their portion.

Come out to the beautiful country and to Lilac Hedge Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts. The farm owns a home on the property, which is rented through Airbnb.

Link here to see where the retreat will take place

Alyssa’s retreats are booked through her on Airbnb and will be hosted by her at the Airbnb located at Lilac Hedge Farm. Lilac Hedge Farm provides the home and space, but is not associated with The Retreat Co., As guests of The Retreat Co., Alyssa Foy, and of Airbnb and Lilac Hedge Farm, you are responsible to abide by all of the rules and regulations of Lilac Hedge Farm’s Airbnb. The rules and regulations are listed below.

Additional rules- Please read credit: Lilac Hedge Farm and airbnb

Link here to see where the retreat will take place.

We regulate that only (up to) 8 guests registered to stay at the house stay “after hours.” Additional guests are welcome to visit you at the home during the day (during non-quiet hours), but those staying over are limited to 8 registered guests.

Our house is located right on our farm property in close proximity to our farm bar & kitchen (in season), store, ice cream, and animals, and is an excellent location for a family event or party in our shared customer areas. We have plenty of picnic tables and expansive spaces to gather.

Because we have an on-site staff member who lives in the bottom, separated and secured, level of the home, we would like to ask all guests to be courteous in their volume level during their stay. Normal living noises are perfectly acceptable and welcomed, but we request parties on both sides are courteous of each other. Excessive noise can upset the farm dogs, so we ask everyone to keep their volumes in mind.

The fireplace in the unit is for decorative purposes only and is not to be used right now.

Due to the details of our liquor license, any alcohol brought for your stay must be consumed in the house or on the back deck of the house. No alcohol may be consumed around the premises unless it is purchased from our farm bar.

Mondays and Tuesdays, our farm is closed, but we welcome our overnight guests to walk around the paths and visit our animals at their leisure. If a staff member inquires “if they can help you,” just let them know you’re staying as a house guest. We always check in with folks wandering around for the safety of the property, but our house guests are encouraged to visit our animals and enjoy the views. We ask that you remain out of barns and pens that are not “open” to the public.

Safety & property

Avoid surprises by looking over these important details about your Host’s property.

Safety considerations

May encounter potentially dangerous animal

Climbing or play structure

Safety devices

Security camera/recording device

“Cameras are not of homes, but monitor all areas near our store, ice cream, bar, and offices. ”

Carbon monoxide alarm installed

Smoke alarm installed

Word Credit: Lilac Hedge Farm/Airbnb