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First, if you told me a year ago that I would be hosting my own podcast, I ‘m not really sure what my answer would’ve been. I ‘m sure I’d be wondering how on Earth I could manage it.

Welp, fast forward one year and here I am with my own podcast. I absolutely, 100% love it! I can also manage it. Yes, it takes oodles of time, but I’m figuring it all out. With anything new there is a learning curve. I’m learning and taking some sharp curves and some nice slow curves. It’s all good!

You can find me on 8 different platforms, the most popular currently being Apple podcasts. I use Anchor as my podcast platform and I cannot say enough about this amazing company. I highly recommend them! I am not an affiliate for them, I just love their platform!

The Latest Show Notes

Nancy Luce

Nancy Luce (1811-1890) - Find A Grave Memorial

Episode 17: The Chicken Lady-Nancy Luce. A unique soul who loved her chickens and farm cottage on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. You will be inspired by this kindred spirit.

Episode 16: Betty Louise Studio from Southern Maine. Katie shares her passion for her studio and different mediums. She continues to be inspired by her maternal grandmother, for which her studio is named after. Welcome to Betty Louise Studio.

Episode 15: Laura of Our Oily House is everything doTERRA essential oils. She provides true, wholesome living on her blog and she paid off her mortgage! Talk about true financial wellness! Enjoy this episode.

Episode 14: Meet Martha’s Vineyard artist and sailor Lily Keller. We chat about sailing life with three littles, paint inspiration, and abundance mindset. You won’t want to miss this episode!

Listen here

Episode 13: Interview with my distinguished yet humble friend, Kathy Fleming

Today, I want to introduce you to my good friend, Kathy Israelian Fleming. I met Kathy at church. One Sunday, she was carrying a framed chalkboard that was up for the taking in the Church Hall. Of course, the chalkboard caught my eye. We started talking about it and have been friends ever since.  Kathy is one that I consider to be a mentor in my life when it comes to learning about how to embrace heirlooms, knowing how to display things, and celebrating themes and traditions and overall loving your home. Kathy and her husband reside in Kathy’s family antique home in New England. Both she and her husband, David come from a long line of family members who were masters at their crafts, whether it be business, gardening, and/ or design. In our conversation, we talk about a family member named, Bunny Mellon who designed the rose garden at the White House. As we were chatting, I was sipping pink lemonade through a sterling silver sipper. The cuckoo clock was making its famous chirp.I was surrounded by beautiful linens, wicker and blends of the colors of the seasons. Fresh flowers were picked and resting on the window sill in antique jars. I think it’s important to sit, listen, and learn from friends. Yes, there is a difference in age, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we embrace our friendship, we share recipes, and most importantly, I treasure all that I learn from her. I want to share this special friend with you today. Just listen closely. Sip a cool drink and rock in a rocking chair. There are so many words of wisdom in this podcast.

Listen to episode 13 here

Episode 12: Modern Day Homesteading

Pile up the chuck wagon we’re heading west! Kidding. Do you think of that scene whenever you hear the word homesteading? I do. In this episode, I talk about homesteading. True homesteading in today’s world. I think people are embracing homesteading more than ever before. A few years back, people were known as being “crunchy” and a “hippie” if they bought organic food, and lived a life that was somewhat simple. This included baking from scratch, etc. I feel that people who had this organic idea had it right all along. I’m busy. Homesteading kind of seems impossible, well it did. Listen in and let me explain.

Listen to episode 12 here

Episode 11: Creative Honesty-Creatively Speaking

What is creative honesty? Where do I begin? How do you begin? In this episode, I talk about how I battle procrastination. I talk creative stuff in this episode and my own personal stuff that I struggle with when I talk about procrastination. I’m human. Are you? 😉 Light the fire and fight through the procrastination.

Episode 11-Listen in

Episode 10: Chatting with the moon. Link here to get my easy steps to set your moon intentions https://breezygreenhome.com/moon/

On this episode, I chat about setting your intentions with the moon phases and reflecting on your goals rather than waiting for the New Year. That is way too long for me to wait. Farmers and gardeners have been living by the moon for years. Native Americans have lived by the moon for centuries. Are you ready to chat with the moon too and tap into your higher power, set intentions, and just be {quiet}?

Link here to listen to episode 10 on the Creative Soulful Living Podcast

Episode 9: Meet Lisa Bass, creator of Farmhouse on Boone. I happened upon Lisa’s blog and I have been hooked, line, and sinker-ed ever since. Her blog has organic living coupled with sewing projects, handmade how-to’s, to creating your own bath and body products. But, this is not all. Lisa has a blog creation course that is absolutely the best course! I know this because her course is where I learned how to create my own blog. She just recently bought a farmhouse fixer-upper, has 5 beautiful children and is expecting baby #6. Lisa is an amazing person and I’ll let you listen in so you can feel inspired too.

Link here to listen to our chat on the Creative Soulful Living podcast

Click here to link to Lisa’s blog building course. It’s AMAZING! {affiliate link}

Episode 8: Friends, I introduce to you Danish-American lifestyle expert, Stephanie Pedersen. Stephanie has published many cookbooks. Her latest book, American Cozy expands upon her culinary skills and talks about getting back to our roots of comfort and cozy. Stephanie shares her knowledge of the Danish art of “hygge”. She teaches us how to craft comfort and cozy into many facets of our lives.

I loved chatting with Stephanie. She is like an old friend and I think we could’ve talked for hours.

Connect here with Stephanie to learn more, purchase her book, and enjoy her craft. You can start putting “hygge” right to work-don’t wait. Give yourself a gift!

Missed the episode with Danish-American lifestyle expert, Stephanie Pedersen? Don’t worry, friend. Link here to listen in.

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Meet grounded woman, yoga teacher, Wellness Advocate and DoTERRA leader, Ashley Daige

Episode 7: Meet Essential Oils and Wellness Advocate, Ashely Daige. When I became interested in essential oils and wanted to dive deeper into learning about them, Ashley suddenly appeared in my life through my niece. In this episode I chat with Ashley about the benefits of essential oils, how she got involved with doTERRA and her life climb out of poverty and into a yoga instructor, extremely knowledgeable aromatherapist, and a downright digging goaldigger. I am so honored to call her a friend and was so excited to share her with all of you!

Want to join our doTERRA wellness tribe, or order your 100% natural essential oils? Click here.

Want to hear all of the goodness and inspiration from Ashley? Listen here