citrus energy essential oil blend

Citrus Energy Essential Oil Blend

Here is our easy how-to recipe on how to make a Citrus Energy Essential Oil Blend. It is cooling, and adds an instant burst of energy to your mind and body. It takes just a few minutes to make this blend. Are you ready to feel the zing?

citrus energy essential oil blend

This Citrus Energy Essential Oil Blend is easy to make. All you need are a few supplies and you’ll be on your way to making a blend. Trust me, you will keep this essential oil blend close by no matter what the weather is because it is a germ fighter and an energy booster all in one.

Let’s start with those supplies to get you on your way. If you need essential oils you can go HERE. You want to make sure that you are using 100% organic essential oils. Additionally, please read all of the safety labels on your oils before using them. I only use my doTERRA essential oils.

You will need:

One 10mL cobalt blue or amber glass bottle with spritzer
Distilled Water
Small funnel (optional)
Hand towel
1. 10-15 drops of Wild Orange
2. 10-15 drops of Lemon
3. 10-15 drops of Lime
4. 10-15 drops of Grapefruit

First, fill the bottle 3/4 full with distilled water. Then, add your essential oils. Next, insert a spritzer into the bottle. So, at this point you will blend the bottle by rolling it in your hands or on a hand towel. Remember those days of rolling playdough and making a snake? You are going to do that same motion with the bottle. I like to roll it back and forth for a count of 20. Oh, and please make sure the cap is on tightly! I’ve made that mistake before!
That’s it. Your bottle is now complete.

Shake and then spritz on the bottoms of your feet, into the air, on a warm wet or cool facecloth, or pour into your diffuser. The possibilities are endless!

Store in a cool dark place for about 6 months.

Benefits of Citrus:

Citrus essential oils are known to be uplifting and act as a stress reducer.  Also, they clean and purify the air and positively affect moods with their very light and refreshing scent.

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