Soulful Living

Tucked In, Cozy and Inspired

Just because it’s technically winter outside, doesn’t mean that you can’t feel inspired. Here in Massachusetts, it’s cold and we have snow piling up. Yesterday, we got our first snowfall of 5″. It was beautiful to watch falling, but not so beautiful cleaning it all up.

I felt inspired yesterday to begin creating a new refresh for one of my rooms. I love going on to Pinterest and looking for new inspiration. I am a hands-on creator. I like to cut, glue, and tape (with pretty tape of course,) my ideas into a notebook, or onto a piece of paper.

Who am I inspired by? A lot of people, shops, things, but mostly all the feelings that are created around all of the things I mentioned.

An Inspiration Board For You

I created this for you to print and enjoy! All you have to do is click on the image, copy it and save it to your file. Then, print away and get creating!

Happy Creating!