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Decorating with Nature-The Harvest

I know it’s still autumn and yes, Christmas is creeping in ever so slowly here at Breezy Green Home.

using nature to decorate for a natural approach at Breezy Green Home

This year, I am focusing on decorating with more of a naturalized approach and adding more greens around my home from outdoors to match the season.

I do it in the Spring and Summer, so why not match the seasons with the outdoors in Autumn and Winter too? It just makes sense and goes along with the seasonal vibe for me. I feel like I am so in touch with nature here at The Green because honestly I can’t ignore it.

Time to clip!

Looking around at the colors during the season is essential to your décor. Bring these colors into your home to highlight the seasons.

greens for natural decorations

I’ve also been known to spray paint twigs and sticks.

They are out there in the yard and have fallen. Gather some because they will add such prettiness to displays around your home. Especially in baskets, crocks, dark planters, and cut seasonal florals.

Get inspired and take in what is around you no matter where you are!

That’s what I do. I love looking to see how restaurants and places I love create their décor with nature.