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Dishtowel Addict Uses and How-to make a farmhouse towel with a Sharpie


Dishtowels. Do you have a lot of them? They call my name out whenever I’m in Target, Homegoods, you name it. If it’s made out of a print that I love, then it’s fair game. The dishtowel is coming home with me. No questions asked.

I use them for so many things. So I thought it was only right to share the many uses of a dishtowel.
If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that you’re a DA (Dishtowel Addict) like myself and have more than just a couple… And yes friends that is a dishtowel that I framed below. I hope you are thinking about this now and what you can do with a simple dish towel.

Breezy Green Homes List-icle for Dishtowel Uses:

  1. Wrap my homemade bread in and gift it to a special someone
  2. Frame it! Hello instant art for your wall.
  3. Make scented relaxation warmers.
  4. Pretty ice packs for your sore people.
  5. A quick curtain in your farmhouse kitchen. (Now sew too!) Just add glue, Velcro, or a safety pin
  6. Wrap one around a bottle of mineral water, seltzer, or a beverage of your choice. Tie with twine
  7. Wrap a walnut sponge, organic dish soap, and wooden vegetable scrubber in it for a new home-Dishes are always in need of washing
  8. Dish towels in the bathroom turn to hand towels! Genius, right?! Ha!
  9. Flour Sack Towels-Can be made into ticking farmhouse towels, or written art with a Sharpie and a quick wash they take on that worn, farmhouse look
  10. 10. New seat covers for cloth worn chairs

My 3 Rules When Buying A Dishtowel:

Rule no. 1: It must be absorbent-Avoid those slippery, nylon feeling towels. They repel liquids and highly lack in softness

Rule no. 2.: It must have a design that I’m drawn to. What good is a towel that you just don’t like? It will never get used.

Rule no. 3: Think outside the box with your dishtowels and buy flour sack towels. Why? I like to write on mine with Sharpies then wash them for a farmhouse look! See the tutorial below!

Want a worn, but newer looking towel with a personal design or farmhouse look, but don’t have the farm?

  1. Flour sack Towel
  2. Sharpie- Color is your choice
  3. Painter’s Tape if you are really worried about straight lines. Chances are if you’re like me, you’re not.

You can wash the towel first in cool water. Line dry, then iron. Next, take your Sharpie and make your design.Wash again. Let line dry and iron. Your towel should look slightly worn and it will more and more overtime. The best part, is that it’s a new towel!

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