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To Course or Not To Course?

This is the question and the million dollar one at that. I think you can find a course or coaching program on every single hobby, dream, careers or whatever you can think of on the internet. Lately, every social media platform that I’m on is super saturated with offers for courses and coaching and how to make trillions of dollars. Is yours too?

Do Your Research

Yes, it is because of my business building people that I do follow and what I am learning, but buyer beware. If you are thinking of taking any type of course or coaching that is offered on the internet, please I beg you to research it first.

Some of these offers are legit and are from well-educated and high performing entrepreneurs. Let me clarify that courses and coaches are a good thing and may be just the “thing” that you’ve been needing. But, have you researched the offering well? Like, really, really well? Yes, that does matter. I fell into a funnel that took me months to get out of.

I signed on for some business coaching, which I was convinced through social media marketing. It worked and there is nothing wrong with ads and promos. I’ve done them myself.

My Hard Lesson

This company and entrepreneur is 100% legit and successful. But, I didn’t read the fine print. Fortunately for them, I was very quick to make the sale, but I soon realized that it just was not the right fit for me. My ideas and needs did not match up. I, personally felt like some of their systems were not 100% in place yet, for my needs of building a blog and the type of business that I am creating. Respectfully, I was able to cancel my contract, but it was not any easy thing to do.

For many months, I literally cried when I saw the huge amount of money that was being taken out of my bank account monthly. It was all because I did not read the fine print and did not do my research and dig deep enough to ensure that this coaching program was the right fit. It was my own fault.

I’m sharing this story with you so that you don’t have the same thing happen to you. Honestly, the only thing that I have ever paid for after that was a “website creation course” by a successful, down to Earth blogger , Lisa.

My Ah-Ha Moment!

Like many things that happen in my life…things are placed in front of me. I could relate to the course teacher and I loved her whole vibe. However, I still did my homework because I learned that money is important and so is rich knowledge. I was in the beginnings of my business building stage and I knew that this was exactly what I needed and wanted.

From that course, I have learned how to create my own website. It was 100% the most useful and tangible course I have ever taken.

The course was taught by a sweet women named Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone. Other than this course, I have learned everything for free!

How I Am Doing It For Free

How have I done it all for FREE!? Again, let me clarify that courses and coaching is not a bad thing. I am all for them! I am an educator too, in my blog world and in my full-time job world. Back to the FREE.

The world of podcasting and the search bar is a beautiful thing. Filter through the content and find tidbits here and there. By taking notes from several entrepreneurs and soulful mentors, I’ve been able to put many of the pieces together and figure out the lessons that I need to learn. Does that mean I can learn everything this way? No. But, so far, I have many important business and life lessons from not just one person, but from many.

This is not rocket science, I know and it’s kind of like a “duh” moment, but do you realize how many successful entrepreneurs in many areas share their content for free on purpose!? They want you to do exactly what I’m doing! Take it. Learn from it. Put it into action and prosper! It’s their way of giving back.

At the moment, I am building. Also, I am bootstrapping my whole business. Therefore, I am working with what I want to spend, which is 0 at the moment, to figure out content, categories, seo, marketing, podcasting, financials, vision statements, goals, you name it…It’s all me.

To answer this question from way back…”Will I eventually pay for a course?” Yes. But, I’m determined to do my homework this time.

My Key Guidelines

I have my key guidelines.

  1. Don’t jump on the first ad, or promo you see.
  2. Make sure that the course being offered will give you everything you need and more!
  3. Read the contract word for word.
  4. You should be excited about it and not crying about it. (Like I cried).

Will You Ever Offer Courses For Sale?

Yes! Breezy Green Home does have plans to offer richly packed courses that will bring you tangible content. Yes! Breezy Green Home has plans to offer items for purchase. But, I am taking my time because whatever I am offering customers, I want it to be worth every single cent and give more than the norm. Why? I’m living this. I can relate. 100% relate!

My Wish For You

I’ve been there folks. I know what it’s like to take a course, or buy something and not be what you expected it to be. It’s a hard lesson. It can be frustrating.

Lastly, I hope this message inspires you in some way. I’m just looking out for you and want you to get the best tips out there in your journey.

And, if you’re interested in creating a blog, getting rich business building content, and learning for less than $100.00 and/or mostly for free…join my e-mail list in this blog and I will send you all of the information and contacts you need. I have done all of the digging for you. Take it and GO GET IT!