Intuitive Living

On Being Mindful

Taking time out to pray and be mindful of my day is something that I take pride in, and also something that I get reminded of often when I get too overloaded. I do feel like a grounded person, but I do struggle with being a multi-tasker and having too much on my plate. So much so, that I can lose my way. How do I get back on track?

I am a driven person. I am a creative person. I would be a great person to work on Wall Street right in the heart of the Stock Exchange, flying around like a wind-up toy, buying and trading, but I know where this would lead me. It would lead me to burn out.

See, I’m lucky in the fact that I have a very intuitive mind and I listen to God, who is my higher power. He works in mysterious ways in my life. He puts things and people in my life. He puts situations in my life. I have prayed for much of it and am so grateful for the path that I am on. It wasn’t always like this. When I was younger, I did my thing. Listened to my parents, went to church, became influenced by thoughts-positive and negative. It wasn’t until I reached my late 30’s and 40’s to when I really started to pay attention. Pay attention to the tapping on my shoulder and became in charge of when to push negative thinking out and take control of what the heck was happening.

Listen Up and Listen In

I had to figure out that God is the one that is tapping me on my shoulder and saying, “Hey, slow down a bit.” or “Hi, have we talked lately?” I know that my loved ones look down at me, particularly specific ones are there steering my ship to my harbors. It really is a beautiful thing.

Every Harbor Is Different-Find Yours

Have you been to the seacoast lately? If you don’t live near the ocean, you can envision any type of harbor you’d like, or make it different places in the woods. Maybe a pine grove leading into a gnarly patch of raspberry bushes, to a simple path in the trail, to some rocky terrain. Reflect on what type of path God is placing you on, where you are. For me, in this season, he is using harbors. But I am spreading this message for you too and you need to reflect on this and just listen to where he is placing you.

When I travel to Maine, I enter in through Portsmouth, New Hampshire. As I drive over the Piscataqua Bridge, I pay attention to both sides of this port. To the right of me, is a bustling port with big ships and small watercraft in and out. It’s busy and moving.

To the left, the landscape changes. The waters are a lot calmer. There’s a lot of greenspace, and the homes are nestled in. Yes, this is all with a head turn-right to left. God put this in front of me and made me pay attention. It put this trek under the bridge to get to Maine, that I’ve taken a bajillion times in a whole new light.

When I am in the heart of what I am doing. In business, in my daily life, he puts the calm harbor image in front of me to remind me to find my calm. When I stay in calm too long, he puts the bustling port in front of me and tells me to get back to work. Back and forth. Harbor to harbor. Port to port. I see it in my mind and get the message.

For example, the other day I was getting super stressed. I had all fantastic things to do, but they were all still work. Oddly and amazingly enough, he puts calming opportunities right there in front of me. A sudden call to go away for a few days came in. Yes! Thank you God. This happens and it’s here in this calm harbor when I start to pay attention to a funny burst of laughter from my son, snuggling in with my husband, or my dogs wanting to be pet and go for a walk.

Thoughts become planted and I need every reminder of where I am. What port I am in and what harbor I am traveling to next.

Manifesto Perfecto

I love this. I do this all the time! What we manifest in our thoughts, is what we attract in our lives. There is so much research here, but start with Napoleon Hill. No matter if you’re in the calm, or in the hustle and bustle. Opportunities and thoughts come when you least expect it, so you think, but you’ve actually been manifesting them all along. It’s a blend of taking action and working towards what you want. I could chat about manifesting all day long.

Too much of the time we feel guilty for being successful, having money, being wealthy, being healthy when so many are sick and suffering and stuck in their mundane patterns. How many times have you witnessed poverty and see these families 10 years later and those family members are in poverty. They can’t get out of their cyclical patterns. Ever notice how many people have the same patterns and their children have the same patterns? They attract this to themselves, consciously and subconsciously. But, along the way you find one family member to be a success because they decided to break the pattern, or the thought process. Like, I said, I LOVE this “stuff” and could talk about it all day long.

Stop the “I feel bads”

Yes, I know that “bads” is not a word. But, you know what I mean right?

“I feel bad that I got this job.”

“I feel bad that I took the last container and now someone has to buy orange sherbet instead of salted caramel gelato.”

“I feel bad that I have all of this money and they don’t.”

In a nutshell, change your thoughts starting now. Don’t feel guilty if you have something and others don’t. Two sick people cannot make each other well, but one well person has the energy to give and bring that sick person up to wellness. It’s what we do with our vibrant energy, how we serve others in this life with what we have manifested and prayed for, is what truly matters. Whether it is money, health, business sense, knowledge, a certain job or career, (fill in the blank). Just serve others well when you have taken care of your needs first. You need the energy to do so first.

I Leave You With This…

“Life is a voyage in which we choose neither vessel nor weather, but much can be done in the management of the sails and the guidance of the helm.”

-Author Unknown

I hope you have found bits and pieces of this post helpful to you in some way.