From Scratch Baking

The Simplicity of Giving

Giving is simple. The other day an elder church friend who lives a pretty simple life arrived at church. I am one of the Alter Guild members and I help set up the alter for the service. As he walked in, he asked me to get the geraniums out of his car and he said that there was a rhubarb bread in there for me too! The simple fact that he thought of me and made my family a delicious baked treat was so humbling. Also, he is a very talented baker and a historian, so he always adds a bit of 1800s to his recipes.

The Giving of a Simple Bread

This gesture got me thinking about the simple act of giving. It’s something that I want to do more of in my life. There is so much that I can give and ways to give. Just by lending a helping hand, a caring ear, or cutting a fresh bouquet from my garden to baking something…the list is endless. What do you like to give? How do you give?

When I make connections for people and do readings, I see the amazement and thankfulness in my client’s faces. I feel like my mission here in Earth is to give people hope and peace. I love to connect loved ones to the people that they loved that have passed. If souls can still give love and signs, then we can do it here on Earth too. Collectively, it is the little things that we can do here on Earth is what it’s all about. Living with a purpose. Giving kindness and love. Letting someone know that you’re thinking of them.

The simple act of giving.