From Scratch Baking

Simple Protein Smoothie

This simple protein smoothie/shake recipe is so healthy and delicious. All you need are four ingredients to make this delicious, filling shake. It’s full of all vital proteins, plus additional nutrients. It’s a win. The amount shown below filled me up for several hours.

Gather Your Ingredients:

Vital Proteins

Greek 0% Fat Greek Yogurt

Almond Butter

Almond Milk or Farmers Milk

Like I mentioned, you can add your ingredients in any order. I use my Ninja and it is so fast! As you can tell by the video, I like my smoothies to have a thin consistency. However, that did not change the fullness factor. It was very filling! This recipe is quick and perfect for on -the-go days. Enjoy!

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Almond Butter

Vital Proteins- Available at Whole Foods and Amazon. I use collagen

Why Collagen?

Collagen is missing from a lot of our foods now. It is vital for joints, bones, nails and hair strength. Therefore, I take 1 scoop daily. It has especially helped me due to the side effects of my thyroid not functioning properly. Please check with your doctor before taking this protein supplement.