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How To Make Beeswax Candles

This recipe is the easiest. Beeswax candle making from scratch is not as difficult as it sounds. I have linked my YouTube channel below for the vlog version of this post.

I’m not sure many of you know this, but if you listened to my podcast, you will know that I used to own a candle company 14 years ago. My candle company started in my basement. I did sell a lot and I was in a few shops close to home. I also had a few wholesale accounts and my business was growing. I had my son and mama duty called, so my hobby turned business blew out. Ha!

Now, I am in love with beeswax candles. I use them all of the time. I love the glow, smell and the overall primitive essence of them. I especially love t use them when I am writing.

This recipe is so easy. Beeswax candles are perfect for fall and the Holiday season. I burn mine all year long. With this recipe, your beeswax candle evenings can be endless too.

Gather The Following Materials

100% pure beeswax

Pyrex or heat safe glass bowl


heat safe jars

cotton wicks

wick sticky tabs

wooden skewers

Follow These Easy Instructions

Begin by breaking your beeswax into small pieces. If you’re using the wax pellets, this step has already been done for you. Next, fill a small pot with water. Let it simmer. Place your Pyrex bowl on top of the pot, creating a double boiler. Then pour the beeswax into the Pyrex bowl.

Let the beeswax melt and stir as needed. Keep your pan on simmer. While the beeswax is melting, prepare your jars.

The cotton wick should be placed into the middle of your jars. Use a piece of wick wax tabs to adhere the metal clamp to the bottom middle of the jar. You can do this step ahead of time, but I did it while the wax was melting because it took about 20 minutes for it to melt.

Once your wax has melted, slowly pour your melted beeswax into your heat safe jars. The wax will harden rather quickly. Take your wick and secure it with the wooden skewer. Let your candles cure for about 24hrs.

Enjoy the glow!

Beeswax candles make great gifts too. Add them to a gift basket and share the love of bees with other organic items.

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