Summer,  The Potting Shed

Hello, Summer

Summer is here and I live a pretty easy life come summer. My teacher life comes to a close and I tend to shift to slow mode. I love this time of year because I can really reflect, ground myself, and enjoy my home even more. My summer days are spent traveling back and forth to Southern Maine, a few days there then back home.

A summer day visiting the doves at Snug Harbor Farm. One literally almost flew into my face {not too peaceful, but made me laugh and kind of run walk away}

I spend time with family, friends, and just enjoy every day. One thing I love to do is visit my favorite place in Maine, Snug Harbor Farm. If I were to have a shop, this would be it! But, I digress. I love the sea and I absorb all that I can, but I also love my pool and fields of green.

My First Ever Vegetable Garden

Call me a farmer, minus the farm animals. I am proud of this garden! It has been pretty easy…so far so good. I think it’s because I made it so small and manageable.

See that vegetable growing in there? My father-in-law and husband guided me a lot, and I’ve learned so much. Read up and what plants are the best to plant and can grow without much fuss.

Sweet Hay In Rolls

On my way to our local orchard I saw these rolls of hay and had to stop and take a picture. How beautiful and my allergies went crazy, but who cares! It was worth it!

I bought a bag of apples that they keep fresh in their freezers. I am going to make homemade apple sauce. I love cold applesauce in the summer. I also love to make apple pies in the summer too. Why is that? Who knows!

An apple tree growing for a fall picking

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More Summer To Come