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Recipe For A Calm Home

A calm home is so important.

It’s very important to provide this for my family.

 Being aware of the mood and energy of a home is so important. I’m sure by this day in age, you’ve all heard about the Feng Sheu method, or Hygee, the Danish word for the art of happiness and living simply.

To me it all means living calm.

But, what does living calm mean to me and what does it mean to you?

Calm living means living with a clean and tidy home, but not too tidy because we’re all human and it’s okay to have some things out of place.

It means family rituals. Playing board games after homework. Connecting together as a family. Having quite time to ourselves because that’s important too. 

I’ve put all of what I do to make my home a Calm Home into a Calm Home Recipe just for you.  

Breezy Green Home 2018

Let me know if you do these things too, or if you have any other ways that you make your home calm. I’d love to hear them and try them out.