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Top 11 Favorite Holiday Etsy Shop Gifts

I love the gift giving guides in magazines and on other blogs, but let’s give handmade a hand!

Here are my favorite Etsy shop gift giving ideas. I hope you feel inspired to shop small and give a gift that is unique.

Shop small and support handmade!

I love this distressed wallet by Pegai.

I love the look of the art by local Boston artist Krista of Fox and Marigold. Please check her out and all of her amazing art work. It’s so simple and yet so detailed. I ordered this print below. She will even do custom illustrations!

nordic print from local Boston artist Krista Lang;ley Haner

And now one for the babies in the bundle…


             Natural, BPA free teethers from Baby Buckwheat

I have fallen for the camera straps made by Sassy Strap and yes, I am ordering one for myself! Merry Christmas to me!

This planter is adorable from Midcentury Modest

And this personalized military style weekend bag from Heritage Wedding is perfect. You could sneak some vacation plans into the pocket.

And this spoon is the cutest spoon. They have many sayings to choose from, or you can create your own!

from Impressions Stamped


I love pure beeswax candles. If you’ve never tried them before, gift yourself with these. They have such a great smoky honey smell and a beautiful flame. It’s all I use now in my tapers. You’ll receive great quality tapers from this Monastery beeswax candle company. Made by monks at St. Johns Monastery These will look so pretty tied with a nice ribbon.


etsy shop small gifts, handmade, holiday,

This shop has the best prints. So funny and crisp. Hope you can pop on over to Elle and Indi and check out their fun prints.

Isn’t this beautiful? I love it so much! You will not be disappointed visiting this shop called Asenath Designs

And last, but not least…

Yep Sam Does Art – I have to say I was this artists first U.S. order! It makes me proud and so happy to support creative souls! Check out her pottery. So unique and fun!

pottery,artist,unique,breezy green home,

I call it, “Pottery With An Attitude.”

Well, it’s time for me to head on over and shop small. I hope you do too.

Happy Holidays!