Financial Tips

Simple Ways To Financial Goals

Every single person has a different financial story. Today, I want to share with you the practices we put into place and how we treat our finances with a different approach altogether. They are super simple and instead of heading into our budget like a deer in the headlights, been there done that, we have taken on these super simple ways to reach our financial goals.

But, don’t jump ahead! Read this first!

It All Starts With Positive Discussions

I get so tired of hearing people speak so negatively about money. I don’t even think people realize they are doing it. It’s just so common to complain about it and create a negative, stressful outlook about the whole topic. So much so, that it becomes something that makes you want to indulge in other areas where you probably don’t want to indulge in. For example, Going out and charging a bunch of (fill in the blank) is much easier than talking about the elephant in the room. The elephant being MONEY.

Another way I hear people discussing it is that they think they are undeserving of having it. You feel that person a, b, or c, deserves it more than you. Why is that? Are you feeling guilty about something associated with money? Fix it. Are you saying that you can’t work and really can? Fix it. Could you be making way more than you are making now? Fix it. But, please, I beg you, don’t ever feel as if you are undeserving of it. Money is energy. If you talk negatively about it and feel undeserving, than you’re totally right. You won’t have it. If you’re not motivated, make excuses, and count on someone to make it for you, than you’re right again you will continue to struggle. You do deserve it, just as I do and your neighbor does. Let it flow. You are deserving!

I’ve Had Hard Times

I’ve done a podcast about my financial struggles to financial wellness. It was Episode 2 of the Creative Soulful Living podcast. Before you continue to read on, you might want to go back and listen to that episode. If you choose not to, then that is fine too. In a nutshell, I never really respected money, nor learned about money.

It wasn’t until I was counting out quarters to buy Christmas presents and being really, really deep in credit card debt all began to cave in on us. The anxiety was all too much to deal with. The bills piled up. It was then when we had enough. Fast forward a decade later, and I have to say that we have taken on a whole new attitude with the green paper and shiny coins.

Simple Ways To Reach Your Financial Goals

Details To Reach Your Goals

  1. We’re totally aware of how we talk about it, especially around our 13 year old son. We never say, “Who do you think we are the Rockefellers!” Or, “There is no way we can ever afford that!” The world is our families oyster. It all depends on what level and goals you’re willing to accomplish and work hard for.
  2. Coming to grips with having to spend money in savings is something that I’ve had to give myself grace and come to grips with. Expenses come up. Things happen. It’s life. Sometimes we have to take a quick detour, but our focus to get right back on track is always there. This was a hard lesson to learn, but getting back on path that you were on is key.
  3. We set financial savings goals for the following year. We usually do this on our anniversary. It’s our gift to each other.
  4. Honestly, we live totally simple. We hardly ever take vacations. I buy what I need for the house. We have a pool and my parents have a place in Maine, so we travel back and forth. I don’t need the latest this and that. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter.
  5. We maintain our present financial strategies for our future goals
  6. We make a cemented timeline and we make it attainable. We also have smaller goals along the way.

It’s That Simple To Reach Your Goals

Simply put, this is just what works for us and like I said, every family has different needs, incomes, etc. But, this is a simple sure way to change your financial outlook. Notice, I didn’t get into invest here and start with this percentage. It all starts with creating healthy habits and discussions around and about money. You deserve it! XO, Alyssa

“It’s about time we got our money story straight…I’ve come to realize that the most important place to start is also the one that’s most overlooked ourselves… When you’re present you can hear yourself better.”

-Kate Northrup, from her book, Money A Love Story