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How to Make Your Homestead Winter Warm

It’s cold. Well, where I am in Massachusetts it is. I love to decorate with the seasons. As I awaken into the world, you can usually find me walking around my home in bare feet and flannels on a cold, winter morning. I fill up my mug and begin my day. But, the rhythms and routines depend on the season and I need to make sure that my home matches the season I’m in and there are a few reasons for this.

The first thing I do is not solely depend on visuals to remind myself of what season I’m in. Sure, I scatter pumpkins here and there in the Fall. In the spring and summer you will see a lighter side and feel with curtains blowing in the breeze. What you won’t see are signs that say, “Summer Vibes” or “To The Lake”. That’s not really my style. But, I do love working with the senses. That does include sight, but let’s not overwhelm the good old spectacles. Let’s make your home winter warm! It’s time to put away the Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas plates. Let’s turn your homestead into a Winter Warmer. F-U-N!

Let’s Winterize!

It’s January and January is a cold, cold month. It can be dark and dull. Yes, the days are increasing with their light, but here on the east coast it can be loooooong. I love winter. I love every season and I am fortunate enough to live in a spot where I can enjoy the four seasons. Winter is here, ready or not and we are going to winterize with the five senses.

Touch The Winter Cozy

Nothing is more comforting to me than a nice warm comforter. I love throws. I purchased several from Lindsay Letters Co. They are warm and have her art on them. I just love her font work and her whole vibe. Her throws are soft and snuggly. They fit my 5’7″ big boned frame. Also, I love a good knit throw. You know the kind that grandma used to make? Church fairs are currently a thing of the past, but I have linked an etsy shop where you can find a snuggly one for your couch or chair. My grandparents always had one on their couch and my parents have one too. One thing I do is wash my throws often to keep them fresh and clean. Plus, dogs! The dogs love them just as much as we do.

Along with touch is keeping the furniture washed. I use a Bissell (not an ad) mini carpet cleaner to clean my furniture. You might think you have the cleanest furniture in the world until you use this machine. The dirt that gets extracted is gross and satisfying. No matter how clean your home is, it will find the dirt.

Winter Tastes

In winter, soups and warm breads are a win! Link to my post on how to make the simplest crusty bread loaf. It only requires a few ingredients and is delicious! Yum! What is favorite go to soup? When cooking, I love to use my skillet and Dutch oven. I purchased my Dutch oven from Magnolia Home. It stays so warm, heats up so fast and has been a useful and frequently used addition to our meals. Warm hot cocoa bombs are the newest craze and have made their debut into Breezy Green Home.

Speaking of chocolates I have to share my favorite chocolates soon. Do you have any favorites? We always have our pantry stocked with 2 bars of delicious chocolates that are okay to eat with our health and wellness lifestyle~ (70% dark chocolate), but I also enjoy a lighter percentage here and there and I do have a FAVORITE brand. More on that to come…

Smelling Winter

My nose could go into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most sensitive nose on the planet. I could seriously get paid to be a Professional Sniffer. Is that a job? I think it is! I may have missed my dream job with a fragrance company. But, if you need a candle scent tester, an essential oil tester, or anything that requires a nose. I am your gal! I can smell for miles! My sister can attest. Growing up we were on a hike on the Appalachian Trail. I smelled an old tobacco pipe. Several miles ahead there was a man sitting on a rock smoking a pipe. She was like of course you smelled it! Having a strong sniffer can also be a downfall. But, when it comes to adding winter scents into your home, regardless of how strong of a sniffer you have, I have got you covered!

Essential oils are my go-to, obviously seeing that I am a wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils. You can link to my essential oil info here. My favorite essential oils are a wassail blend of orange, clove, cinnamon, and a drop of basil. I love the warming scents in the winter. Also, I use peppermint and the Breathe blend that adds eucalyptus to the air. Why essential oils? Well, their benefits are huge, plus the scents add such a cozy warmth to the home. This I love. When family walk into the home I want them to smell that cozy.

Wooden Wick candles crackle and when you can’t have a huge fire, this is the next best thing. I love the natural brand by Vintage Society Co., They have a wooden wicked candle that flickers nice and loud. It’s also clean burning.

Beeswax candles are my all time favorite to light. Collecting vintage brass taper holders at the thrift stores is my jam. They add such a classy look to any table. I use them when I write, on cold evenings when you need that added touch of cozy, for active meditation (try staring at the flame and focus your mind), and to just add that winter warmth that is needed in the home when the wind is blowing strong.

Link to my post on how to make your own beeswax candles

How to Hear Winter

When I mention songs in the winter you might automatically go straight to Jingle Bells and if you can listen to Christmas music all through winter and beyond then that is your business and I love you for that. I cannot listen to it after Christmas because I am basically tired of listening to Christmas carols. I love them, but I listen to them so much during the Holiday time that my ears need a break. In my opinion and for my mental sanity, I need to transition from Christmas winter to winter-winter. There is a big difference and the music plays a big part.

Go put your records on, tell me your favorite, just go ahead let your hair down…” Sing it with me. Feel the groove. Create a warm and cozy winter warmer playlist and share it with friends and family. Play it in the background and keep the tunes and beat warm and mellow with good beats that make you feel so happy.

Feeling old school? Grab an old record player. You can get a new record player to play those old tunes. Records are making a comeback. I was recently scrolling through the Vermont Country Store catalog and saw record players for sale. What a throwback and oh what fun! I remember putting the yellow chip adapter into the 45 so I could play the record on the big record player and sing and dance away. I think we bought them at Radio Shack. Wow! I am dating myself now.

Seeing The Sights Of Winter

This can be a big topic, but let’s simplify it shall we? This is a list of my must haves in my home during winter. The sights of them. I feel add a coziness all their own. I do not keep Christmas things out all winter. Those go, but I will leave my greens and orange slices out a bit longer. This is also part of my Calm Home Recipe where you can print and frame, or tuck it into a journal or vision board.

  1. Twinkle lights-those mini lights add so much to a shelf, table, inside a glass vase, on a wooden cutting board. I move mine all over my house.
  2. Candles glowing or candles layered with drippy wax that show that family is happening here-life is in this home!
  3. Mugs-I love a mug with a story. One of my favorite mugs is from a shop called Midnight Farm that is no longer in business. I bought it on Martha’s Vineyard that say I waked into Carly Simon’s store and she was sitting there with her dog. It was something I will never forget! So, that mug has a story. When you go on vacation, or remember a special event buy a mug that goes with it and share the story as you, or that special someone sips something warm from it.
  4. Art- What art are you displaying at the moment? What about a refresh? There are many shops where you can refresh your artwork, or go outside and take a winter walk and snap that camera. Print your photos off and frame them. Embrace the season and switch out bathing suits, for snowsuits.
  5. Dried fruit- In my opinion dried fruit can be displayed throughout winter. It’s a classic touch with some pinecones, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and drops of essential oils. Make sure you keep your fruit clean. Their is nothing worse than seeing dust covered potpourri. You know what I mean, right? Stir it up every several days to keep it fresh looking.
  6. Let the light in! Keep the windows open and add a heavier curtain if you need to, but keeping the light will keep your disposition sunny. It is a must in January and February when the world looks a bit cold and cloudy. Let the white snow glow at night and twinkle in the sun during the day.
  7. Wooden cutting boards-Vintage or not, I love them and use them regularly. They add a sense of French Cottage Cozy, which I love.
  8. Faux Wood burning Stove- Fake flames are firing during the winter here. I use a faux stove to create the sense of a warm fire when there isn’t one. Seeing the flames glowing makes me feel warm and cozies up the space.

I hope you use some of these ideas and create your own winter warmers for your home. Extra blankets, crackling candles, bird feeders, and more add those subtle winter touches that make the season…bright! For many that is an important thing.

Much love and winter toasties to you!