Intuitive Medium Info

With Alyssa- Intuitive Medium, Educator, and all-around positive soul

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Follow your intuition?” I have many times and I am here to tell you that I am an intuitive medium and I have been this way all of my life. It’s something that I thought every person here on Earth could do and I believe can do if they just take the time to step back and follow their gut. But, it wasn’t always that easy for me to figure out until…

My Story

I have always had a knack of reading people very well. Ever since I was young, I could figure people out and read their energies in a matter of minutes; Feeling the happiness of people, the sadness and heaviness, too because we are all energy with ebbs and flows of every emotion. I knew when something was off with someone, or when they just needed some adjustments with their energy. I didn’t know what this was, and I just thought that everyone could read people. This is true; however, some people can do this more acutely and can even act as the vessel to get messages to others from higher levels. I have this gift and have been helping people for many, many years.

Let’s Chat! Here’s Your 1 Hour Session Agenda

Clarity : Think of it as an energy clearing; filling your brain with the positivity that you might be seeking, while connecting with those that want to come through for you, currently here and those who have passed. I’m the vessel giving messages that are being communicated to you for clarity and positive control. I will help you ground yourself to take the positive paths you need to take.

Abundant Living : Along with my 1 hour sessions, I provide time to guide you through the abundant living process. What steps that your higher loved ones are guiding you to take and avoid to begin living abundantly.

My Slice of Moon~Closing Message: I like to draw one oracle card from the deck that I am called to use for you. Each card is special and what I like to call “a slice of moon,” or special thought or idea to take with you.

Booking Information and Disclaimer

Note: Make your appointment soon! If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify Alyssa @ [email protected] or text at 774.696.4240 within 24hrs. of your scheduled time. Alyssa will make every effort to reschedule you, but due to her appointment schedule, it may be weeks or months before she is able to have your session.

Payment of $180 is due via Venmo or check at time of booking your 1-hour session. No refunds are available. Alyssa cannot determine who will come through for you during your session, but in all of her years of doing readings, she has always been able to sense energies and has had messages for her clients.

Alyssa is the vessel, and she will provide you with positive messages and suggestions. Alyssa is not liable for any content that you do not like hearing, or if specific energies or people do not come through for you. (Alyssa is not God, a Saint, an Angel or anything close to that, but hey, she is pretty special.)