Breezy Green Home Style,  From Scratch Baking

Healthy Shamrock O’Shake

I love milkshakes! Add a cute, festive celebration to it and I’m sold!

Long gone are the days when I could drink the type of milkshake I used to suck down back in the day. Get those puckered cheeks ready! So, I created a new healthy recipe after spending one day dreaming about the milkshakes that my Poppa used to buy for me.

Let’s talk about the ice cream. Well, I’ve given you two options here. You can go with Hagen Daz. Why? It’s the best brand out there with hardly any ingredients. Yes, there’s sugar, but it’s natural. This is a treat.

Or, you can go with Fage Total Greek Yogurt. Again, hardly any ingredients. You could make your own yogurt and ice cream too, but that’s a future post.

Gather your blender gear and let’s get jigging!


2 Cups (1 Pint) Vanilla Ice Cream- Hagen Daz is my go to

1/4 Cup Farm Milk

2 tbsp. 100% vanilla (You can add more depending on how vanilla your pallet likes!)

1/4 teaspoon vanilla decorator rainbow sprinkles

squirt of whipped cream (Can use organic, or try the new Reddi Whip Coconut Whipped Cream!), it’s delicious!

green food coloring – you can make it swirly green by adding it after you blend and swirling with a fork, or add it to the blender to get the green in full effect!

Peppermint oil-1 drop. If you want that thin mint cookie taste, go with the peppermint.

Any Easy Combo

Quickly blend together put for an after school snack, morning of St. Patrick’s Day treat, or just when you need a sip of luck and rainbow dreams!

  1. Combine ice cream, milk, vanilla, green food coloring in blender and any extra ingredients you desire. Process until smooth. If you find that your shake, is too thick, just add a bit of milk to thin it out.
  2. Pour into glasses. Top with a squirt of whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. We also used a splash of gold sprinkles for fun!
  3. Don’t forget the straw! (A recyclable one of course)
  4. Sip, make rainbow wishes and enjoy!