Frosty Winter Morning Walk and Organic Forest Spray Blend

The sun was rising and I had to get outside and capture the snow that looked like powdered sugar. Let’s turn back time and take you with me. Autumn is turning into winter here in New England. The air so nice and frosty. It’s just the way I like it.

sunrise morning

What’s your favorite season? Winter is coming in here in Massachusetts. We’ve only had 1 mini snowstorm, which was more rainy~slushy snow than anything.

The snow looks just like powdered sugar. So pretty.

Some pines are sleepy.

Some are bursting with life. 

The blueberry bushes are sleeping until the spring. The vegetable beds have their blankets on.

A new family will move in here soon. Birdwatching is so relaxing. Invest in a birdhouse and birdfeeders.

I love how the seagrass sounds blowing in the cool wind.

The firewood is ready for winter toasted marshmallows and chilly toes.

Try to get out there and enjoy whatever season it is.

The simplicity and yet beauty of it all is very relaxing. I love it so much. Every season brings annoyances of course. Sometimes there is so much ice that it becomes dangerous. Winter storms and driving can be chaotic. The snows gets dirty looking once it goes through the cleanup on the streets. Some days can be bone chilling and gray and your soul cries for just a pinch of green grass and soaking sun.

But it does come. It happens and the cycle begins again…

Enjoy the season.

And as promised here is a really earthy essential oil blend to diffuse or spray. Enjoy!

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