Clean and Tidy

7-Day Declutter Challenge

Are you ready to join me, us, the Breezy Green Home tribe and start decluttering? This is a very easy challenge and you can start it whenever you'd like. So, if you're looking for an intense, exhausting decluttering challenge, this is not it. So sorry, friends, but sometimes when I start these challenges I can't get out of my own way. I decided to make my own EASY version.

I need this to be as simple and clear cut as possible. If you're on board with that, then keep on reading ya decluttering champ you!

Let's Dig In! The Challenge Details


Day #1-Pick a space- Any space, closet, spot, that needs to be de-cluttered. Jot down a few goals that you want to achieve for this space. It could be a paper pile, pile of clothes, or maybe those plastic bins of stuff you haven't used in 30 years. Try being mindful and find contentment with the clutter. {For example, "I want this closet to be an easy go-to for all of the cleaning supplies" or "I want a place to sit" or "Bath towels need to be hung here"} This is up to you!


Day #2-Take a picture of it before you start. You don't have to share it, just keep it so you can see your hard work results when you feel like you haven't made any progress. You can even jot down the feelings that you get when looking at the space before. Keep this for the after shock of when it's clean and you're dancing. Get your supplies ready-essential oils for diffusing and keeping the energy up, big trash bags, labels or tape, marker for labeling, dusting towel-or damp towel, spray bottle filled with water, or my Spring Cleaning Recipe


Day #3- Start small. Depending on the space, just start small. Small chunks, make for big successes! Depending on what you're decluttering depends on how you categorize your items and piles. Just divide the space into zones, set your timer for 45minutes, or 60minutes and dig in!


Day #4- Increase your time by 20minutes. Keep moving and tossing and organizing. I always tells myself that it has to look worse, before it looks better.


Day #5- Take another picture. Make sure you note that you are 4 days from the actual "dig in." Look back on the before photo. Are you seeing a difference? Yay! Celebrate! Keep moving, tossing, organizing.


Day #6- You're almost done! Keep increasing that time. One more day to go. You can do it! It's time to start wrapping this challenge up! Start moving out trash bags, clearing out the space, and make this space into what you want it to be.


Day #7- No matter where you are in this journey, you've begun, you've started and I bet you've finished, or well on your way! Just like I mentioned in Day #6, it's time to really start using this space for what you intended it to be.

Share your journey!

Comment below or visit me on the gram @breezygreenhome or in my facebook group @breezygreenhome Let me know how you are doing no matter what stage you are in with this challenge journey. Did you discover a new space? Can you feel the pressure and stress that has dissolved off of you?

Decluttering and cleaning out really gives you the gift of time. You're able to decompress and not face looking at the clutter with stress and more stress. Knowing that a space has been cleaned out and you don't have to waste your time cleaning it out anymore gives you time to do other things. Fun things.